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Beginning in the mid 70s and on into the 80s, Alan Parson and Eric Woolfson began producing and releasing studio albums on which various other session musicians and vocalists would perform as well. While not being a typical, touring band, they referred to their collaborative work as The Alan Parsons Project

In a sort of similar fashion, Captain Twilight has been the "band name," if you will, that I have given to sporadic recording projects I have undertaken since the mid 1990s. That is when I purchased my first electric guitar and a Tascam 8-track mixer/recorder mini-studio. Although I had first started multi-track recording on a Tascam 4-track porta-studio near the close of the 1980s, it was in the 90s that I began to both produce better sounding music and collaborate, here and
there, with others on such projects.

Credited on this site are friends and family with whom I have been blessed to
record the featured music.

Chris Hvezda, 22 June 2013



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